Dear all,

Another great day of training yesterday at the Club – great to see so many children enjoying themselves. 

Many thanks to those parents who took on the first kitchen rota duties yesterday – much appreciated. 

Please find attached an updated fixture list – the only change to the version sent last week is the U7, U8, U10 and U11s going to East Grinstead for training and matches on the 30th September. As a result, we have had to re-jig the kitchen rotal slightly and the revised version is also attached. This Sunday we are looking for the parents of the U6s to take on the early 10-11.30 slot (as mentioned before, you can do this as 2 x 45 minute slots or 3 x 30 minute slots – it is up to you to manage) with the U10 parents on the 11.30 – 1pm slot. 

Can you please share and organise yourselves amongst parent groups and do remind other parents to keep checking that these emails are being received!

Also, for those who have expressed an interest in the First Aid course, I have emailed you all with dates – times will be confirmed asap but meantime, if you haven’t done so already, can you please confirm your availability for the three dates in October. 

Finally, we have the opportunity for Voodo Mouth Guards (  to come and visit the club if there is enough interest in their specialist mouth guard wear (I believe their gum shields come in at about £30 each if enough parents are interested). If you are interested in me arranging for them to come to the Club one Sunday when we are all at home, please let me know and if numbers are sufficient, I will coordinate. 

Kind regards