Good morning all

I hope you have all dried out after a wet morning of rugby yesterday – many congratulations to everyone who took part in some excellent sessions at the Club and to the U14 boys and coaching staff for a fine 10-5 win against Horsham in their first league match of the season.

REMINDER – we are actively looking to grow our girls rugby presence at Burgess Hill. Those of you who were there yesterday will know we hosted a joint training session for our U13 girls with Horsham and this is something we will be looking to repeat in future. We have to provide a separate changing room for the girls use so we will put up a sign on a nominated changing room door each week, but if for any reason this sign has come off, can you please remind your sons that if a changing room is occupied by girls from our Club or from a visiting Club, to not use this changing room. This can put a bit of pressure on facilities when busy as we do only have the three changing rooms, but we must adhere to one of these rooms being set aside for the girls to use.

Turning attention to the coming weekend. First up is the annual bonfire procession through the town on Saturday evening. All children with an accompanying parent/adult are welcome to join the parade. Meeting at Cyprus Road car park by 6.30 pm. All roads round about will be closed so recommend you walk in. First procession is set to start at 7.30 up to Silverdale, where the main procession will leave at 8.30 and will get to Fairfield Rec from about 9.30.

Some of you with younger children may only want to take part in the first procession which is fine. We are looking to get a mixture of senior men and women players plus a good contingent from the youth sections. If you can wear BHRFC attire (weather permitting) that would be great.

On Sunday, our U7s, U8s, U10s and U11s are going to East Grinstead for training and matches. Your respective age group coaches/managers will send you details. We should still be quite busy at the Club, as we have two visiting teams for the U12 and U14 teams so as per revised rota, can parents of U9s take on the 10-11:30 slot with the parents of the U12s taking over thereafter. With both league games kicking off at 11, it may be that we actually close the kitchen temporarily so parents of U12 and U14 can watch their respective matches. Then as soon as matches are finished, as well as a couple of volunteers from U12 parents to do the general kitchen support, we will need plenty of help from parents of U12 and U14 to help with food serving and tidying up the Clubhouse after the boys have finished eating.

Finally, I know it is only September and I don’t even want to mention the C word yet, but the Christmas party is scheduled for Sunday 16th December. Maria from Tykes and Tacklers (Under 5s) is very happy to work with 2 or 3 parents from other age groups to coordinate activity / plans for the Christmas Party for the children. If there are a couple of willing helpers out there who I can link in with Maria to have an initial planning conversation, can you please come back to me.

Many thanks and enjoy your week.