Good evening all

I hope you all enjoyed some great rugby last Sunday – it was certainly a great day for it. 

This Sunday sees a lot of our teams in action – our U7, U9, U10 and U11 are at Crowborough for a festival; our U13/U15 girls are joining forces with Horsham for matches against Heathfield and our U14 boys are flying to Guernsey for their latest league match. All the very best to all of you – enjoy and play good rugby. 

Our U6s and U8s are due to be at the 3G at BHA this Sunday, but given the good condition of the pitches and the good forecast for this week, it could be that your coaches would like to bring you back to the club this Sunday to join the U12s (who otherwise will be the only team training!). Keep an eye out for any updates from Gary and OJ. 

I am back myself this Sunday and whilst Sarah is unlikely to be around, I can help catch up with the current shirt backlog for our younger players.