A very Happy New Year to you all – I hope you have all enjoyed a very merry Christmas and are looking forward to getting back to rugby this Sunday. 

Time flies so quickly over Christmas, it really doesn’t seem that long ago we had the Christmas party at the club. 

We had a very successful first half of the season with lots of great performances from all age groups, many new players (although as always, we could still do with more, in particular in certain age groups (U10s and U13s and any girls looking to play). 

At the moment, the plan for this Sunday is for training to resume for all teams at the usual time – U6 to U8s training at BHA on the 3G, and if it stays relatively dry for the rest of the week, for U9s upwards to train at the Club. However, as always, do keep an eye out for messages from your coaches as things can change!

As we haven’t finalised fixtures for second half of the season, I haven’t done a kitchen rota for this half of the season so it would be great if we can have some volunteers from any age group at the Club for this Sunday please.  I am waiting for final fixture confirmation now the second half league fixtures have come out for the U12-U14s. We have a provisional set of fixtures but as there are some clashes, Graham as always will be doing a great job of helping with some rearrangements. As soon as these are final, we will post a revised fixture list on the Club website. 

Please note that for next week (Sunday 13th January) – plan is for the U7/U8/U9s and U11s to go to Brighton Rugby club along with Hove for joint training and friendly games; the U10s will train at home with the Brighton and and Hove teams coming to us; U12s are due over at Heathfield for a friendly (tbc). 

Finally, we will be looking for some roles to be filled for next season and we would like these confirmed by end of April. These include a juniors/minis membership secretary; a vice chair for the Youth section; a First Aid coordinator; and a minis fixture secretary ((U6-U11) – as more teams move into the Waterfall leagues (U12 upwards), it is becoming too much for one person to manage all fixtures. More details will follow, but meantime, it would be very much appreciated if you could get in touch if you would like to find out more about what these roles entail

I hope you all have an enjoyable first session back this Sunday. I am away this weekend, so please do look around to see how you can help this Sunday.