Sussex All Blacks 7s

 When will the SAB7s take place this year?

We are pleased to announce that in our 7th year the tournament is expanding to include senior women’s 7s and will now take place over 2 days:

  • Saturday 17th July – Senior men’s rugby 7s
  • Sunday 18th July – Senior women’s rugby 7s and family tag competitions

Venue:  Burgess Hill Rugby Club, Southway Rec, Poveys Close, Burgess Hill, RH15 9TA

How do I enter a team and how much is it?


  • The entry fee is:


  • The entry is non-refundable and must be paid in full to guarantee your entry into the competition
  • All profits are passed onto our charity partners


SAB 7s (senior men and women rules)

Which teams can enter?

  • Any adult teams (over 18) can enter our tournament – 17 year olds can play if they have followed the RFU permission protocols
  • If not an affiliated RFU club you must arrange your own suitable playing insurance. If you are not we would encourage you to seek permission from an affiliated club to play under their affiliation

What are the squad sizes and rules re substitutions?

  • Each team can consist of a maximum 12 players aged 18 and over
  • Each team must have no more than 7 players on the pitch at any time
  • Rolling subs are permitted with the referees permission e.g. please make sure they are aware and agree to the change
  • We appreciate some squads might need to borrow players – any sharing must be agreed with the organisers and opposition before taking place
  • No player sharing is permitted in the knock out stages unless expressly agreed


What time is registration?

  • All teams must be registered by 10:00 AM. Please go to the registration tent at the end of the veranda.


What time is the first game?

  • The tournament kicks off at 11am


When will the tournament finish?

  • Subject to extra time etc the tournament will finish around 5pm


What is the format of the tournament and what is the scoring?

  • The format will be dependent on the number of teams entering
  • Ideally there will be 2 groups/leagues/pools made up of 4-6 teams each
  • Each team will play every other team in its league once
  • Match points will be awarded as such:
    • Win = 4 points
    • Draw = 2 points
  • Final placing in the pool will be determined as follows:
    • The team gaining the highest pool points will be placed first and so on
    • If two or more teams have the same pool points the team with the highest points difference will come first. If two or more teams have the same points difference the team scoring the most will come first
  • What pool you are in and exact timings will be shared on the day
  • Following the pool stages:
  • The top 2 placed teams from each league will go into the semi finals of the main cup competition
  • The next 2 placed teams from each league will go into the semi finals of the plate competition
  • The final placed teams will enter the salver competition
  • Winners will progress to the finals


What are the rules of each game? 

  • The referees word is final – any back chat, whining or gamesmanship will result in sanction
  • Usual 7’s rules consisting of:
    • Each game will last 14 mins (plus any stoppage or additional time) with 7 mins each way
    • 5 points for a try, 2 for a conversion, 3 for a penalty and drop goal
    • In the knockout stage any match resulting in draw at normal full time will result in 5 mins extra play with the team scoring first winning the game without further play. A coin toss will take place to determine who kicks off and who receives
    • If a player is temporarily suspended (yellow card) the period of suspension will be 2 minutes
    • Any player shown a red card will be banned for the rest of the tournament
    • Restarts and goal kicking – all kicks must be a drop kick


What do I win? 

  • Subject to the number of team entries there will be a cup, plate and salver competition with the winner of each taking home a suitable trophy
  • The winners will also receive a slab of beer!
  • There will also be spot prizes such as “player of the tournament”



Parking is limited so we would highly recommend car sharing where possible


Will spectators be charged?

  • No, there will be no entry charge for spectators


Food and drink

  • There will be on site food and drink options including BBQ and bar


Clean up

  • All teams will be given their own waste bags and must tidy up after themselves before leaving


Where can I find out who else has entered?

  • We will aim to share updated including teams on our social media sites


The legal’s

  • By entering the tournament Burgess Hill RFC their servants and agents will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage howsoever caused to the participants, officials, or spectators of participating teams


If you have further questions please email