Cavaliers v East Grinstead           Win       66 – 5

It was nice to see the boys bounce back so quickly from their previous poor outing. It is a credit to the players and demonstrates their mental strength and willingness to play great rugby – WELL DONE! They made themselves and their fellow team mates proud, and all who were watching.

The first half saw the first 15 or so minutes pass in a bit an armlock with the opposition who were clearly fired up on playing the Cavaliers. Contest at the breakdown was fierce and fairly even until our team started to find some holes and trickle in a few scores. It was unfortunate that an opposition player (prop) was caught out in a scrum with his fellow front rowers collapsing and leaving him isolated. Cue ambulance and a change of pitch (we later heard that he is all ok and healthy). East Grinstead then tried kicking the ball to turn us around and claim territory. In fact it did us a favour by returning possession and we started to dominate.

The second half is where the Cavs started to completely control the game. Their physicality and intensity were taking a large toll on the opposition with their players starting to drop through injury. The opposite coaching staff started complaining loudly of the physicality and perceived indiscretions, realising that they were up against a bigger, fitter and more intense team. As soon as they dropped their heads, the scores started racking up at an ever increasing rate.

The last 10 minutes showed typical Cavalier rugby style – beautiful draw/passes, offloads and waves of supporting players. Whilst a confidence boost for the boys, not an ideal outcome. We are constantly looking for opposition that will give the team/players some stiff competition.


  • Bouncing back and supporting one another
  • Physicality/Intensity
  • Support running

Things to improve

  • Gaining control earlier
  • Clear out work – speed
  • Deeper lines and attacking the line at speed


The referee stating after the game that it was a really fun game to Ref (meaning he really enjoyed watching the Cavaliers play a wonderful style of rugby).

Play of the Day

The defensive arm wrestle on our try line for 4-5 minutes and watching the strong will of the Cavs not prepared to concede any points – Priceless.


East Grinstead Colts5Loss

East Grinstead Colts





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