Dear BHRFC friends and members!

It is my pleasure to wish a huge and happy 100th birthday to a true BHRFC legend, the one and only Ron Hansford (Top Middle).


Ron joined BHRFC in 1972 and is most famous for playing for the club after his 70th birthday! The picture above was taken on the event of Ron’s 70th birthday in 1992 and the opposition consisted of players from Ditchling, St Francis, Uckfield, Newick, Plumpton and Heath. A few familiar faces like Dicky Jackson, John Davies, Yosser, John Russell, Ken Hollingdale, Gravel, Steve Richter, Tony Balsdon and many more as well as the late Slim, Stubbo, Corky and Stephen Parsons.

Ron was a navigator on board a Lancaster Bomber that was shot down by the Nazis in 1944 over France. He became a Prisoner of War and although rugby was played in the camp, Ron decided to escape back to Blighty! Having played in Malta, Cyprus, Singapore, Egypt and Yorkshire he must have found something special in the Poveys Close mud to make him play on for another 21 years!  Speaking back in 1992 Ron said “Wherever I went in the world, I took my kit. In Cyprus the pitch was just sand and compressed rock. You bounced when you landed! I still love playing, and God willing I will be there next season.  My son Steven is coming up to 35, so when he can play in the Vets with me, I will start feeling old!”

We are hoping to see Ron, Steve and grandson Will at Poveys for the HOME game on February 19th so please come down to see our centurion. Happy Birthday Ron, have a great day.

Katie Shillaker & Grace Clifford

You may have seen local press that two former BHRFC players have been called up to the England U18 women squad. This is not only a great achievement by the girls but we as a club should be very proud too. We made them fall in love with the sport. Both girls hold their first ever BHRFC coach Scott Caney in very high regard, even referring to him as “a nutter”.  Great point, well made. Good luck girls, keep the BHRFC flag flying and we all look forward to seeing you in the white shirt of England very soon. Talking of which, Six Nations is on at the club as usual.
Come on England!


James Shillaker, BHRFC President