For Players and Parents

A difficult week and one for players and coaches alike to reflect. Most of the players were flat, seemingly exhausted and/or injured from the day before, combined with a lack of intensity and assumption that winning with the Cavaliers comes automatically. Basically, we had a day when both the forwards and backs were off their game. Forwards were beaten to the breakdown and out muscled, and the backline flat, standing still and dropping the ball when we had space. It was the perfect storm of having a bad day on the pitch.

Out of sorts from the kick off, Leatherhead were more aggressive and intense. The guys game plan instantly evaporated and it looked like chaos. We attempted to inject some focus out there by making some much needed changes. It was difficult to manage with 21 boys and injuries mounting up in key playing positions. The coaching staff will review the process and come up with a better solution going forward.

The one thing we have to remember is that, whilst we remain serious about rugby, it is only U15 rugby and a loss or two doesn’t hurt their hunger to win. Expectations of having the boys perform each and every week to a high level is unrealistic. Nothing is to be learnt from winning by 50 each week.

The positives are that we only lost by 5 when completely off our game. Coupled with an opposition coach that seemed to have an earpiece direct to the ref, and an opposite backline that was either quicker over 25 meters than Usain Bolt or always completely offside. I think the boys will learn from this and bounce back quickly.


  • Physicality in last 15 minutes
  • Defensive mentality
  • Reflection and learning to be done

Things to improve

  • Communication and encouragement among the players
  • Clear out work – speed
  • Deeper lines and attacking the line at speed


Coaches looking and sounding bewildered.

Play of the Day

Keeping them scoreless for 50 minutes

Onwards and upwards Cavaliers – look out next team I say!








Date Time Season
October 15, 2017 11:00 am 2017-2018