Dear BHRFC friends and members, 

It is a sad start to June as we bid farewell to two iconic and legendary BHRFC players from two different generations.

Yesterday, I attended a beautiful and poignant service for Brian Wilkinson, aka “Wilkie” at Worth. I was joined not only by a band of former players such as JD, Damper, Sheddy, Whooper, Bren, Steve Richter, Robert Shed, Tim McDermott-Roe, Bob Plummer, Rob and James Webb, Dicky Jackson, Shady and many more, but also a huge turnout form the old Sussex Army Regiment. It was moving and it was fitting. Wilkie was a much loved player and supporter of BHRFC and as his friend Monty said in the eulogy “He would have loved this!”  
The final music was the rousing “Good Old Sussex By The Sea” sung by many in attendance.  A special note of thanks to Mark ‘postman’ Parsons for all he did for Wilkie’s funeral and for communicating to all the former players. RIP Wilkie and thank you for all your support over many decades.

Tragically, we also say goodbye next Monday to our inspirational and adored Black Widows captain, Jenny Weller. We will be gathering at St Peters Church at Chailey at 3pm on Monday 13th June with the wake at BHRFC soon after. A couple of weeks ago we held a charity weekend for Jenny, and it proved to be the last time we saw her. Jenny was humbled and overjoyed that we raised a club record £5,000 for #Wellerfest that helps two charities improve the lives for people with cancer. Like a true Sussex All Black, Jenny fought bravely and was always thinking of others right to the very end.

We are expecting a huge turnout on Monday from Jenny’s family, friends, sporting teammates, work colleagues and clients. We are desperately in need of a few volunteers to marshal cars to  park on the pitch side between 3:45 and 4:30pm and to help serve tea and coffee between 3:45 and 5:30pm. I am begging any parents, supporters, ex-player or friends of the club to give us a hand on Monday. 5-6 people in total would do the trick. Please email me back or message me on 07970 258081. Thank you in advance.