U12’s League match with Eastbourne.

On a bright Sunday morning on the Sunshine Coast. Hill set them-self up for the final match of the season. 

A quick start and what looked like a well drilled Eastbourne, took the ball forward well. Running lines and pushing hill to defend well.

Strong tackling and holding lines hill stopped several attacks. Eastbourne push hard and managed to gain the first score. Hill caught ball clean from the restart and strong runs by Larder and Wallek drove through the centre, releasing the ball from a strong ruck from Eastbourne, Upton dug out and released the ball to Buggin, who spun it through to Sargent and made a charging run only to be blocked and turned by Eastbourne’s defence. Eastbourne back on the attack, was pushed out wide by great tackling from Edwards and Buggin defensively Hill appear to be holding them off. Good cross field cover from Cole Sargent and Newman, pushed Eastbourne right into the corner, and the following forwards Cobham and Larder held up the Eastbourne try.

Restart saw Hill take control and run lines and passing well, with attacking support of Buggin’s run from Cole and Larder, Larder also saw the try line but was held up by the Eastbourne forwards.

Hill took the restart and move the ball through several phases until a knock on from Eastbourne gave Hill a scrum on 10m line, out quick and Buggin took it to Wallek and manage a clear run to touchdown a try. Level scores 1 all.

Eastbourne took control from the restart, following phases still held control and a blasting final run saw Eastbourne hit the half time break with a try lead.

Second half Hill had regrouped and focussed on the teamwork and strength, the play bounced back and forward with several phases on both sides, leading the charge on many Sargent started pushing the fallback position forward through the centre, attacking and making some great runs with support from Wallek, Cole and Newman. Pushing hard from the rucks Eastbourne looked like they were getting a second wind, but some lose play gave Hill the free kick, Upton took it out wide and strong forward movement from Edwards and Cobham move Hill up the pitch, Buggin took the ball from the feed and rammed the ball over the line to draw level.

Eastbourne from the next restart were on the charge and made several run, with reaching tackles from Buggin and Sargent halting their progress, but in the end they broke through to the try line. 3-2

In to the last quarter, both Eastbourne and Hill were on the rampage and Hill had to take several chances to clear the ball defensively mainly by Sargent’s boot. But the midfield play was even although strong rucking from Eastbourne were disrupting Hill’s phases. A great run by Larder and Sargent down the wing managing to get behind Eastbourne’s defence saw another territory grab, and quick take from Upton fed the ball back into the forward for a charge on the line. With minutes ticking away Larder managed to break free and cross the line for the equaliser.

With the final whistle, 3-3 was a fantastic finish, for both teams and a fitting final season result.

Man of the Match went to Larder nominated for his game management and positive attitude on the pitch, but a brilliant display rugby by all team members.