Black Widows Women’s XV

Our new ladies development team, the Black Widows, are now entering their second season. Having trained since November 2016, and played two friendly matches last season, the team are progressing well and enter a merit league this season.

We as a club are extremely proud of the ladies’ progress, having not run a women’s side for over 20 years previously. History is being created!

Training for the ladies takes place on Wednesday evenings from 7.00pm until 8.30pm. Matches will be on Sunday afternoons, please see the fixtures section for details.

New players are always welcome regardless of experience or fitness level.

Any ladies who would like to participate please contact Louise Skelhorn via Facebook for further information.

Black Widows 1st XV:

Women's NC South East South 3 18-19

Women's NC South East South 3 18-19

Women's NC South East South 3 18-19

Women's NC South East South 3 18-19

Women's NC South East South 3 18-19

Black Widows 1st XV News:

Black Widows 1st XV Players:

Fancy Giving Women's Rugby a Go?



Here are some common questions about BHRFC Black Widows

When is training?
Currently Wednesday evenings starting from 23/11/16 from 7.00pm to 8.00pm
Where is it?
Poveys Close, Burgess Hill, RH15 9TA
Who should I contact for information?
Please contact Louise Skelhorn or Lucy Tyrrell on Facebook or e-mail Louise on
What should I wear to training and what equipment do I need?
Please wear what you usually would for exercise. Remove or cover jewelry. Recommend rugby boots for grip on the soft ground. Gumshields will be available to buy at £2 each.
What will it cost?
Initially there will be no membership cost as the team is developing but this will be re-considered at a later date. As a guide, the men of the club pay £23 per month.
How much do I have to pay to get started?
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Do I have to commit to every training session or game?
No of course not, we understand that there are other life issues going on. Please attend when you can and remember the more you practice the better you will be.
Is it full contact or touch rugby?
It is full contact.
I have not played for a long time and/or don't have much experience, can I still play?
Yes we will have a mixed range of experience and those with more experience are happy to help teach those with less experience.
Do we have a coach?
Yes, Lucy Tyrrell will be our main coach and she has had 9 years of rugby playing experience. We also have several players from the men’s team who have offered assistance so we can draw on their experience as well.
Can girls under 18 join in training?
We are not sure as yet, safeguarding issues need to be checked. For the time being the answer is no I’m afraid.
When will games be?
Initially we will just train until we know that we have reliable numbers for games. We will start with friendly games until we are ready to join a league. When we do play we expect that games would be on Sunday afternoons around 2 -3pm kickoff times.